Finsterbergen - Climate health resort

Finsterbergen is at its highest point 749 meters above sea level and since 2003 it is officially called “Climate health resort”. The region Finsterbergen is a great place for the whole family and offers plenty of recreation and leisure opportunities. As all the small villages aound the “Inselsberg” (with 916 meters the fourth hightest mountain in Thuringia) have a jointly cultural program you can gain a lot of discounts in various attractions.

Centered in the heart of the Thuringian Forest, you are surrounded just by nature but still not isolated from other cities and attractions.


Finsterbergen during the summer time

Enjoy nature at its best. Extensive spruce and beech forests offer an unique atmosphere for walking tours. With around 90 km of official walking and biking paths everybody will have a great time here. Take part in guided walking tours searching for mushrooms or do some “Nordic Walking” together with others. There are also plenty of small and beautiful lakes and you can even go officially fishing there (for a small fee) .

Whether you are looking for some health recreation or just want to spend a great holiday together with your friends and family – Finsterbergen is the place to go.


Finsterbergen during the winter time

In particular during the winter time Finsterbergen is a lot of fun. If you like snow and winter sports you should definetely come for a visit. The Thuringian Forest is not the Alpes, but usually we have a lot of snow every winter.
Around Finsterbergen you will find more than 20 km of cross-country ski trails as well as plenty opportunities to sled, which is a lot of fun especially for kids. If you are more into alpine skiing we have different ski slopes for you according to your skills.

So get your skis and have fun, but don’t miss the beautiful view over the Thuringian Forest before you start.


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